What We Do

Lucid Dream is a digital creative agency specializing in high-end, virtual-reality (VR) based sales and marketing tools. We produce immersive visualizations, inspired environments, and extra-ordinary experiences that captivate your customers and invite them to interact with your product or brand on a deeper, more visceral level than is achievable through traditional web or mobile channels.

From architectural walkthroughs to 360-degree product demos, digital showrooms, and virtual retail environments, we strive with each project to create rich and imaginative new spaces for your customers to gather and share experiences.


Industries We Serve

We design and build custom virtual-reality experiences for a variety of industries including:
Architecture &

Interactive interior walkthroughs, exterior tours, and aerial flyovers to evaluate flow, refine space planning, finalize aesthetics.

Real Estate &

Virtual walkthroughs & aeriels to facilitate commercial and residential development, new unit pre-sales, and long-distance luxury showings.

Marine &

360-degree vessel tours to facilitate new construction pre-sales, demonstrate layout options, and facilitate brokerage/ charter bookings.

Automotive &

Virtual showrooms and in-seat interactive demos for new model promotions and refinement of ergonomics, styling and trim decisions.


Virtual showrooms to support VR e-commerce and guide traditional brick-and-mortar floor-planning and merchandising.


Rapid-VR prototypes to aid the industrial design process in applications where 3D printing is impractical or cost-prohibitive.


Immersive learning environments to facilitate instruction in “hard-to-picture” subjects, systems design, & data visualization.

Urban Planning

Full-scale, immersive cityscapes to facilitate special / land use planning, permitting decisions, community review and study.


Our Process.

While every client brief is unique, our production workflow ensures that projects finish on time and on target.

Project Scoping

We work to understand your end customers and the specific marketing and sales outcomes your VR experience should be designed to support.


Concept Ideation

We create preliminary 2D concept art or use your existing visual references to establish a vision for a high-impact VR experience with a distinctive look, feel, and functionality.


MVP Prototyping

We fast-cycle a “minimally viable,” preliminary prototype that is viewable in VR and allows early testing and refinement of your concept prior to its full project development and detailing.


Texture & Lighting

Advanced lighting and texture mapping techniques are applied to create a visually rich, photoreal experience without sacrificing program performance.


Interactivity & UX/UI

Interactive features, user interfaces, and gameplay mechanics are interwoven through the environment to more fully engage your customers and maximize visit time.


Custom Analytics

We integrate custom analytics functionality within the VR environment to allow you to capture real-time data and marketing insights from customer behaviors within the application.


Experience Optimization

Final frame-rate and latency optimization protocols are applied to ensure your customers have a smooth and pleasant VR experience that is unlikely to produce motion sickness.


Testing & Refinement

Prior to full launch, we complete thorough beta and quality control testing to pre-emptively identify and resolve remaining program bugs and performance issues.


Final Output

Final deliverables are published to a variety of VR Platforms including Cardboard, Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive, with custom output parameters applied for each platform to ensure optimum performance.

File Formats We Support:

3D Studio Max
+ Many More

Meet the Founders

Joshua Setzer
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Design-driven but sales and marketing minded, Joshua sees unprecedented opportunity in the intersection of creative services and technology. At Lucid Dream he helps clients define, scope, and execute high-impact VR campaigns that integrate with broader corporate strategies and success metrics.

Prior to Lucid Dream, Joshua served as a Senior Analyst and Executive Advisor for CEB (NASDAQ: EXBD), assisting Heads of Sales and Marketing at Fortune 500 client organizations with strategy, messaging, sales ops, and salesforce training decisions. Joshua also directed Marketing & 3D Project Visualization at Setzer Design Group, an award-winning custom yacht design and naval architecture studio.

Joshua received a BA from Duke University and lives outside Chapel Hill, North Carolina with his wife and a brindled hound dog.

Mike McArdle
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

A longstanding "VR envangelist," Mike helps clients understand the potential of VR as a powerful new medium, and has a gift for explaining the technical aspects of bleeding edge technology with simplicity and clarity. He has put hundreds of end users through VR, and amassed a unique perspective on experience design and the ways people engage with virtual reality.

Before Lucid Dream, Mike worked as a technology consultant for educators and administrators, and at Apple where he taught technology workshops and led professional development sessions. Prior to that, he served as a Senior Research Analyst for Synovate Healthcare, where he managed the implementation of several pharmaceutical market research and advertising impact studies.

Mike lives in Carrboro with his wife and black lab, Rupert.

Alex Grau
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Alex is a software and hardware engineer who has worked in technology and Virtual Reality focused startups since 2008. A passionate VR evangelist, Alex is also the community organizer of RTPVR, the Research Triangle Park's premier VR-focused meetup group with 650+ members.

In addition to software consulting for Barnes & Noble, Verizon, and Actor Machine, Alex worked as an engineer at TouchCo from founding to successful acquisition, and is a founding member of Tactonic Technologies and Total Cinema 360.


Why Work with Lucid Dream?

A number of factors set us apart from other production studios and creative agencies:
We Understand
Your Industry

We ask lots of questions, taking time to understand the nuances of your business, customer base, and how VR technology can bring them new value.

We're Obsessed
with VR

As early evangelists, we live and breathe this technology. We keep a steady pulse on industry trends to identify the emerging opportunities you need to know about.

Make Us Tick

Better data powers better decision making. We treat each VR project as an opportunity to help our clients to harvest new customer insights, feedback, and behavioral metrics.

We Think

VR offers an enormous opportunity to create a marketing experience that seperates your brand from the pack. Our outside-the-box thinking helps you push new boundaries.

We're Passionate
About Design

Form may follow function, but impoverished visuals and UI can quickly ruin your users' experience. As production perfectionists we chase down the small details that count big.

We're Punctual
Project Managers

We understand that your deadlines are not negotiable. Transparent, agile project management enables steady progress toward launching on-time and on-budget.

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